Follow your fear. It’s a GPS for where your soul wants you to go.
— Marie Forleo

What makes fear hold us back? Why do we get to that thick white line and stop like a speeding Cayenne Porsche slamming on the breaks at an all-of-a-sudden-turned red traffic light? We get so close, it just takes 1 foot step further, and screech, we stop.

Why do we run from our fear instead of facing it?

Sometimes I think, if I could just whisper into the ears of those facing that white thick line, trembling with fear in their eyes, remarking to themselves "shoot shoot shoot, I dono man, it's not gona work!" And just tell them to slowly breathe and cross the line, they might see that its not as scary as they thought! But time and time again, when we feel that deep self-doubt called fear, we

bow our heads

shrug our shoulders

& grumpily turn the other way.

I'm not saying to go pick up a poisonous Forest Cobra just because you fear it, but perhaps you've been wanting to make a change in your day-to-day and you fear its too complicated. Perhaps you fear what your life would look like if you cut out sugar, or perhaps you've been absolutely wanting to tell your boss an idea you have been working on but you fear they will reject it.

Whatever the thing you might fear is, ask yourself, how bad can it be to actually face the fear? To jump over the white thick line and give it a try? As Marie Forleo said, fear is a GPS for where your soul wants you to go. 

So if it doesn't feel 'right' or 'good' automatically, that can also be a good thing! The more you trust in yourself, the more you take risks for the things you want in life, the more you will be closer to who you truly are. So next time you face fear in the eyes, give it a high five and keep driving!