The other day I walked into my yoga lesson as usual, and my teacher decided to go 'back to the basics'. Albeit, my energy was a bit frustrated at first, I yearned for the heat and vigour of the vinyasa sequences. The interesting thing that she taught me however, was that

we always need to go back to the basics. Basics are not for beginners. Basics are what help us continue our strongest foundation
— M.I. Jivamukti Berlin

For me, yoga is a daily ritual. It is what grounds me into my day because it is simply both a practice in mindfulness and a physical training. With this reminder from M.I., I found myself for the next few days, raising the internal question as I moved through my sequences, "how my foundation is?". Then I found this carrying over into the rest of my life.

"How is my foundation holding my chopping knife?"

"How is my foundation in communicating my needs?"

"How is my form and foundation while I run?"

Basics are not for beginners! No no, basics are for our training in life which we are always training for! When you think about this question, how do you imagine 'going back to the basics' could fit in more in your life?