There is not a morning I miss my pre-breakfast. I am known for in fact not leaving my house, (under any circumstances) without having eaten my breakfast and taken a healthy sh**t. I know that the topic of 'to eat breakfast or not to eat breakfast' has been smeared all over many news channels in health for decades, but I arguably can not miss it, and most importantly, I can not miss my 'pre-breakfast'. So what is this 'pre breakfast I speak of? And why is it so important to me?

My morning routine before breakfast is about two things: waking up with ease & clearing my body from the intake of yesterday. Each and every day we wake up, and decide 'a new' and for this, I like to have my mind & body as clear and clean as possible to allow 'newness' in.

Waking up with ease happens by practicing the 'The Magic 10' Jivamukti Yoga Sequence as soon as I get out of bed. Then comes my pre-breakfast!


  1. I start my morning with oil pulling. (Our household favourite is organic sesame oil but I also think coconut oil works just as good!)
  2. Then I drink a glass of home-brew kefir water OR if I am needing warmth, I'll grate myself a fresh ginger/ lemon tea.
  3. After these beverages I have 1/2 a green apple. That sour yumminess is all I crave in the morning.
  4. Most importantly- I find myself a nice seated position and while listening to my breathing, I quiet down to let my body properly wake up. 

At this point, the routine has woken me up and rejuvenated me for the day, but most importantly..... step 5.....that healthy happy and effortless 'bathroom activity'. That feeling of clean emptiness is what actually gets me going for the day ahead- and by that point, I can feed my gut with a bowl of hearty brown rice porridge or probiotic goat milk yoghurt  (if I don't feed it to my table instead!). 

So for me, regardless of the controversy of 'to have breakfast or not' what matters most is what you do for your body and mind to prepare you for that newness. I feel endlessly expansive when I go through this routine, and if you have caught me right after I have taken my after pre-breakfast morning sh**t, you will see a very giddy and dancing Adina! 


If you try this routine, I am eager to hear how it goes for you! Please let me know :)